Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Things That Makes Me Feel Relax

As I write my entry for today, a Christmas song serve as my music background.

And truly indeed, Christmas is just around the corner.

As I listen to the Christmas songs, I was inspired to write a poem that talks about one's person idea of relaxation. Here it goes and I do hope that you like it.

"My unlimited texting service is just expired.
I'm on my solititude
because the girl that I truly love went out for work,
I put out my mp3 player, set it to the songs that I like.
put an earplugs in my ear, yeah! I hear the music that nears to me,
I hear every details of the instruments use in the recordings.
As the wind blows towards me, compliments the chill that music brought.
It was very relaxing while listening to my music thru my mp3 player at the park."

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