Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Reflection

For today's edition of Sunday Reflection, I would like to share with you a bulletin posted by 96.3 WROCK thru their Friendster Account entitled "Tips To Feed Your Soul", I hope that we learn something from this bulletin posted by 96.3 WROCK.

1. Start each day with a desire to make a difference.

2. live each day bringing more to love wherever you go.

3. End each day with a moment of thanksgiving.

4. Acknowledge the unique gifts and talents of your loved ones;
it reinforces their talents.

5. Pray for yourself and others and you will bring more light into
the world.

6. Play as hard as you work. Joy and laughter are therapeutic.

7. Embrace the journey of discovering and living your soul
purpose. We are all here for a reason.

8. Share your heart’s desire with those who believe in and

support you. The power of your dream will be magnified.

9. Look for the learning when difficult moments occur. We grow the
most during challenging times and end up stronger,

wiser—and often more fulfilled.

10. Nurture the relationship you have your girlfriends/ boyfriends.

The older you get the more precious they become.

11. Provide a “hand up” to someone less fortunate.

It will be helping yourself as well.

12. Go to a special place that feels sacred to you when you need

to relax and renew.

13. Record the important events of your life. Your children

will cherish reading them when you’re gone.

14. Spend some time with a pet when you are feeling blue.

The unconditional love you receive will uplift your spirits.

15. Remove the clutter in your home. Keep only those things you

and your Family treasure.

16. Remember that the answers are within. Approach each major life

decision using child-like imagination and the wisdom of a wise

17. Create a new tradition or celebration for you and your family

to experience each year.

18. Save consciously, spend wisely, and enjoy your deliberate


19. Add richness to your life—eat a morsel of chocolate now and


20. Stay on speaking terms with GOD. Inner peace comes when you

include HIM in your daily life….

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