Friday, August 28, 2009

Jim The Spin Explain!

You been wondering why do I have a post today, since today is a just a Friday, August28, 2009. For you, it’s just an ordinary day but for me it has a special meaning in my life because today seven years ago, the day I enter the world of broadcasting, which is being a disc jockey.

At first it’s hard to be a disc jockey, you know some people might say “you’re not good at your diction & you have a not so good choice of songs to be played on-air” that is the challenge if you are a disc jockey & Thank God, I never encounter such comments.

One of the things that you should consider if you want to be a disc jockey is a radio name, being in an FM radio station, you are free to use codenames unlike in an AM radio station, you should use your real name for credibility, for FM station, it’s another way around.

Why you use “Jim” as you radio name? That is the most frequently ask question when I meet a listeners, when they drop by at the station. Well, for the benefit of the readers of this blog, I use “Jim” because I want a radio name that is personal to me, so that I can easily remember, that simple hehehe

“Jim” derived from my real name “Jaime” & “Jimmy” as my nickname, so to sound cool & gwapo c”,) I use “Jim” & it also served as my other nickname.

Another questions pop-up, why you connect “The Spin” on “Jim”. Basically, “The Spin” is the title of my radio program. At first, I never use “Jim The Spin” as a radio name, it was pure coincidence that I realized that I have a good combination of my radio name. During one of our brainstorming sessions in our station, my co-dj write my name “Jim” in a white board alongside with my radio program title “The Spin” then the people in the session exclaimed “You have a good radio name” & that is “Jim The Spin” born.

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