Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Week’s Accomplishment….

This week I accomplish something that really put a joy in me, during the past few days all of my entry have a video on it because I love videos and also music (that’s why I like to be a radio disc jockey) and I want it to share it with you.

Another accomplishment for me is Finally, I was able to put a large rectangle ad of into this blogsite you can see it after this post. Man, I don’t know how to put that large rectangle until the “analyzing function” of my brain activate c”,) I put the large rectangle ad into my blog because will have a campaign starting November 3, I hope my blogsite will be choose to the campaign.

Last but not the least, I completed my 2008 contributions to the Social Security System.

Thank God for all my accomplishments this week.

I hope that you too, my readers have accomplish something whether big or small.

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