Friday, October 24, 2008

Girls on TV

Picture of Roxanne Guinoo courtesy of
There many beautiful faces over Philippine Television by which for today’s entry I will enumerate my favorite beautiful faces on TV (in random order) so here it goes…..

Roxanne Guinoo
Ferleene Noguera of 26K girls of Deal Or No Deal
Nikki Bacolod
Nikki Gil
Toni Gonzaga
Milagring of Wowowee
Bern of ASF (The girl who do the Wow! Magic Sing)
Che Che of Sexbomb Girls
Sandy of Sexbomb Dancers
Angel of EB Babes

So there you go my dear reader my favorite beautiful faces on TV, you can also do your own list of your favorite beautiful faces on TV.

Girl On TV - LFO

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