Saturday, September 27, 2008

Impromptu One

Right now, I'm alone on the road
I'm going to the road of nowhere
Before, I was with the one, I thought to be with me through the rest of my journey.
All of a sudden, she's gone.......

She promise me everything I want for,
She promise me everything.

We look at each other's eye that is full of love
Promise to be together through this journey.

All of a sudden, in a split seconds,
I'm here all alone in the road of nowhere.

While I'm on the middle of the road,
I try to pick the pieces that have been broken.

I hear a voice coming from nowhere,
That it says "That is not the road for you, turn around and I'll show the road that you should take"

As I turn around, I saw this road that is full of hope, brilliant colors sparkling everywhere.
Then I said to myself "This is the road I take before not too long ago"
Then a voice that I hear says "Exactly, that is where you belong before, for now, focus your self on this road because someday you will walk that road again & continue what you started"

As I started to walk,
I feel the inspiration & hope coming in.

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