Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For my entry for today, I will talk about on how I become an Eraserheads fan. It started when I’m in high school, we have a presentation in our class so my classmates bring along with them a portable cassette player, they need it for additional production value. It was our lunch break that time when my classmate pop a cassette tape of the first Eraserheads album called “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” “Ligaya” played on the cassette player that is so loud that makes my classmates bang their heads after playing “Ligaya” my classmate says “Pare, pakinggan nyo itong kantang ito” it was the song “Pare ko” then he said “ pakinggan nyo may mura at may word na nagb____t” because at that time no local artist do that except for double meaning rap by a male rapper with a surname of E.

Then the next day, I buy the first Eraserheads album & I enjoy it. I was in college when they release “Circus”, “Cutterpillow”, “Fruitcake”, & “Sticker Happy” including 2 EP’s, fortunately, I have them all. Except for 2 EP’s I buy their album on their first day of release. Here’s a story when they release “Fruitcake” my college classmate & I went to Cubao area to buy their album, when we are in Fiesta Carnival area, we saw this banner that The Eraserheads have an autograph signing prior to the release of “Fruitcake” so we went to the giant Christmas tree where the autograph signing venue is, my college classmate get his “Fruitcake” album signed by The Eraserheads.

If you ask me what is my favorite Eraserheads album, my answer is “Circus” & “Cutterpillow”. And my favorite album cover of the Eraserheads is “Circus” album cover.

Eventhough the members of the Eraserheads gone separate ways, I support them individually. I support Ely Buendia’s Pupil, I support Marcus Adoro’s Markus Highway, I support Buddy Zabala’s Cambio & the Dawn & I support Raimund Marasigan’s Sandwich, Cambio & Pedicab.

Here’s an amazing trivia I have this high school barkada whom after high school we take different school in college, we never have an communication after we both graduated in college & we have some reunion together with some high school barkada, I ask him “Pre, ano paborito mong banda?” then he answer quickly “Pre, Eraserheads at kumpleto ako ng album nila”. Another trivia, I have a classmate in high school who is “tahimik” & don’t talk too much likes the song “Shirley”. I may conclude if the 70’s have Juan Dela Cruz band (which is another rock icon) then the 90’s have The Eraserheads.

Here's a live video of The Eraserheads circa 1997 singing “Pare ko”

Video Courtesy of schizo102

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