Monday, January 5, 2009

"The Hide Out"

Last Friday, Me & my girlfriend together with Ms. Devs, went to my co-DJ's so-called "Hide Out". The place is relaxing. So here's some of the picture of the said "Hide Out".

This is the first house that you will see if pass thru the other gate.

DJ Harvee's "Hide Out"

"Woodstove" This is the place where we cook our lunch.

I'm gonna use this, for the dog, that will served as our guard" says Harvee

I will describe this picture by singing "May Tatlong Bibe"

"May Tatlong bibe akong nakita
mataba't mapayat ang mga bibe
ngunit ang may pakpak sa likod nag-iisa
siyang unang nagsabi ng quack! quack! quack!"

I hope I get the lyrics right hehehe

That is Menggay, Harvee's Dog

Taken at the first gate, overlooking Veritas Tower

Taken Near Fish Pond, overlooking Veritas Tower

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