Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eraserheads Second Reunion Concert Update

"January 19, 2009
Italianni's Restaurant
Bonifacio High Street

First of all, i need to give a special thanks and mention to 2 significant people for getting me to do what i did.

Wendell Garcia of MTV! Thank you brother! Without you i wouldn't even have eternal thanks to you man!

Kaye Abadilla of Fully Booked. Without your camera, i would only have words. Thank you for lending me that beautiful piece of machinery!

Now for some facts i learned about the "Final Set"

March 7, 2009
SM Mall Of Asia
Concert Grounds

Tickets will be sold at:

There will be no VIP or SVIP Tickets. Even the band has a very limited guest list so buy your tickets the moment they are for sale as these will no doubt be sold out in record time!

The details as to when and where tickets will be sold will soon be announced! Please check this blog regularly for site updates!

The band will also be playing more than 15 songs! Some of the songs that they did on the first show will be repeated, mostly their singles.

Its going to be a bigger venue so expect more than the prospected 50,000 people that were at the Fort last August 30, 2008.

The band has said that they would like to be more involved with the production. For example, Rayms said that during the first show, he knew that there were going to be fireworks, although he did not know as to what extent. This is an example only of how the band would like to be more involved with everything happening around them.

They are also glad to be given this second opportunity to finish what they started. So for those of you who are complaining that the first show was so bitin, imagine being in their shoes! It must be so much more bitin for them.

When Eli was asked about his health condition, he says that he's been exercising, then goes on to saying "well no, not really". But then concludes that he's been doing some walking as exercise and plans on getting alot of rest before the show. He's also staying healthier than he was and assures us that an Angioplasty is really quite ok and not the worst thing ever!

When asked what the audience can expect on the March 7, 2009 Final Set:

A Group Hug if the audience does it first!

Whereas they would love to hear the audience do the countdown again!

When ask why we should all come to the show, Rayms says:

"We will rock your pants off and melt your faces"!

There's more i can say but i'd really much rather let the band speak for themselves through their music that has touched each and everyone of our hearts and spoken so loudly already just doing that.

Love you guys! I cant wait for the 7th! Rock On!"

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