Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Day I Started...

Today is August 28, And this date is significant to me because this is the date I started my radio life as radio disc jockey so for today’s entry I will be re-posting my blog entry at my other blog account so for the readers of Scroll And Spin here’s my re-post of My Radio Life.

“My Radio Life starts at 87.9 DWSTFM, the training school here in Malolos, Bulacan under the wings of Colegio De San Jose (Formerly Veritas Technical School) I started here August 28, 2002, where I enrolled myself for Radio Broadcasting Skills Training Program for 3 months, after the training you can scout for your next radio station, to practice what you learn in the program but since no one enrolled to be the next batch, I decided to stay, until a year a new batch of trainees come in.

I love being in radio, I love playing music for my listeners, there a things from radio that money can't buy, happiness, I love what I do in radio, I love the profession. I've known in radio as Jim by which by the way is my nickname. I've been a radio disc jockey from 2003 to 2008 & radio becomes part of my life.

I would like to thank the following:

Engr. Antonio Medina & his family

Mr. Sonny Torres (a.k.a Madmax)

Staff of Colegio De San Jose (Formerly Veritas Technical School) To Maam Michelle & Maam Rhia (a.k.a Yharie)

Mr. Alvin Guieb (a.k.a Alphacino)

Mr. Ryan Torres (a.k.a Shadow)

Mr. Rafael Marcelo (a.k.a Maverick)

Mr. Leonardo Bonzon ( a.k.a Harvee)

Mr. Enrico Maclang (a.k.a Pooch)

Ms. Aicel Santos (a.k.a Alex)

Ms. Donna Bernardo-Merete (a.k.a Kyla)

Sr. Luz (a.k.a DJ ML)

Ms. Joy Clemente (a.k.a Joy) who happens to be my instructor

& to all people who I meet thru radio”

Just like a saying “A DJ is always a DJ” so today, even though, I’m not on radio (at the moment) I will always remember this day, August 28, as my radio life begins 6 years ago.

Video courtesy of DirtyPopUk

Here’s a little bit of trivia, Do you know the first song that I played on air as a radio disc jockey?

Video Courtesy of bridgebolt

Yes, you heard it right the first song that I played on air as a radio disc jockey is the song by Lani Hall “How Can I Tell You”


Anonymous said...

i miz you dj jim or should i say kuya jim.. itz me joyce please send me a massege after you read my comment.. because i need to ask you something about leo.. i realy miz him... and i'm desperate to find him you know how much i love him... i left oakley to find leo.. though i know his not single anymore.. please po send me a messege.. i need you please help me... this is my yahoo llietchen_17 in friendster..
i'll wait for your massege... an avid listener is asking for a

MADMAX said...


I came across your blog, adn I find it really interesting. As always, your passion for music has always inspired us, your listeners.. now, let me surprise you in return.. we're signing back on!!! very soon.. hope you're still around when we do..!! hehehe!!

(you know my number. txt me for more info)

Jim The Spin said...

Hello! Sir Madmax,

Thanks for dropping by here in my blog, I hope you enjoy my stuff.

By the way, do you still use the same number or you change your number already.

thanks for the surprise info about going back on air and i'm looking forward to be part of STFM.

--- Jim