Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scroll And Spin's Random Thoughts Part 2

Scroll And Spin would like to congratulate Manny Pacquiao for winning the IBO-Light Welterweight crown against Ricky Hatton.

Last week, I’ve been busy in giving my bike a fresh look that means I change my shifter, the brakes (that is called “V-Brakes”) & plates.


V-Brake Front

V-Brake Back

Plate Left Side

Plate Right Side

My Macho Bike c",)

And sum of all fears c”,)

As the day Manny Pcquiao fights Ricky Hatton, our baranggay Sumapang Matanda celebrate Feast Day. As I cover the event I took a video of a marching band that goes around the village. It’s my first time to post a video in Youtube c”,) Here is the video…

I link this video in my Facebook & Multiply Account c”,)

By the way tomorrow is May 10, I would like to greet all the mother's in the world especially my mother.... myspace graphic comments
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