Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scroll And Spin Announcement.....

Hi! To all Scroll & Spin readers, today I will have some announcement regarding the posting of my new entry. Since February, I’ve decided to just post a new entry every Saturday & Sunday to accommodate the remaining five days of creating new stuff or let say gathering some materials in my new entry or doing my day job.

Starting this month of April, I will be post my new entry every Saturday. The reason why I will post my entry once a week or every Saturday it’s because I want to improve my entry as I want it to be more edgy, well crafted & personalized. In addition, there will be some entry that will be written in tagalog or taglish & of course there will be some pictures too.

This coming Sunday which is April 5 is Palm Sunday the start of the Holy Week, Scroll & Spin would like to recommend some sites to enrich our faith this coming Holy Week.

If you’re in the Philippines, I invited you to listen at Radyo Veritas, 846 on your AM Dial & if you’re out of the country, you can still tune in to Radyo Veritas thru their website here’s a link thru their website.

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And also Scroll & Spin would like to recommend:

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You can also check this blogsite:

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