Friday, November 14, 2008

Scroll And Spin Experience

It’s exactly three months ago when I started this blog site of mine (August 14, 2008 for that matter, if you want to view/read some of my entry you can do so c”,) )

I’ve learn so many things doing this blog or let say making an entry, it’s just like preparing something for someone that you don’t know who they are but you love to share whats in you right?

To be honest with you my dear Scrollers And Spinners (that’s what I called my readers here in my blog) my intention of making a blog is to make money online, but I was wrong blogging is not just making money but it is also making friends with fellow bloggers all over the world not just to have traffic/ visitors to your blog but to have friends.

One of the requirements to earn in the world of blogging is to have traffic online by doing so you have to connect to your fellow blogger all over the world. The first thing I do is to register myself to the site that promise you to give you more traffic but I don’t like their concept, you have to surf 20+ or 30+ sites and give reviews to other members to that site, just be able to have a rate to become your site viewable to other members. Unfortunately, that scheme may develop crab mentality by which other members will give you undeserving rates to your site, so I had to stop doing that thing to that site.

I learn that blogging is all about making friends online. That is what I learn in blogging.

Here’s what I learn in blogging technically, in the past 3 months of being a blogger.

As a starter, I post my entry every 4pm everyday cause the time zone being set by is Pacific Time by which 12 midnight in the United States of America & I only use the basic font style of, so you see how ignorant am I c”,)
And as of today, I learn to scheduled my entry, let say I would like to post my entry at 2am, all I have to do is to set a posting time of the entry and the date. And second, I learn to set a time zone in, before It set in Pacific Time but now it is set in Manila Time so for my readers in the U.S of A, you gonna catch my new entry in your time zone at exactly 4 in the afternoon.

As for my content of my blog, just like what it says in the header it doesn’t focus only on one certain topic, it just like a journal it covers everything under the sun.

So that’s about it for now and I do hope that you continue reading my blog.

For those who want to experience the real sense of blogging try, it make wonders to your blog and also try

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