Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A "Memory Card" Weekend

Last Saturday, Me and my girlfriend decided to update our Nokia 7610 phones, our aim of updating the phone is to have more space for pictures, graphics & mp3 music because me and my girlfriend are music lovers.

So after we eat our merienda, we proceed in buying our memory cards with 512mb because thats the only limit our 7610 can utilized. so the store owner, installed the memory cards to our phones, I was worry at that time bacause in 30 minutes the Mass will start, we attend the anticipated Mass. So the installing of the memory cards is done in time for the mass & we proceed in attending Mass.

After we got home, after we take our dinner with our family, we started texting as we usually do every night. And in the middle of our conversation thru text messages, my phone got hung up & it's hard to send text messages so I text my girlfriend using my father's cellphone number saying that my phone can't send and recieve her text messages and it have a message that blinks "System Failed!"

The next day, that is Sunday, I went to the store to say what happened to my phone & they say "It was infected by virus & it needs to reformat" I say ok to just fix the problem but in my opinion my phone is not infected rather It is their way of making "palusot" & I think the memory card that they install in my phone needs to be compatible to my phone by doing so they "format" my phone.

Anyway, I'm satisfy with my updated phone cause it will now store more picture & more music.

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